The Sleeping Dictionary 2003 Film

The Sleeping Dictionary 2003 Film has been added to best travel movies of all time as chosen by Andy Lee Graham world traveler.

This movie exemplifies the emotional conflicts that we encounter as world travelers. whereby the love of our own culture is challenged. There is a pause, then the reevaluation of our life, as if everything we believe in, that which defined us, is suddenly shaken.

A sleeping dictionary is traveler slang, for when we find a girl or man to sleep with from another country and are forced to learn the language. This is one of them must watched films of travel, a love story. And we all should be afraid of losing the love of our lives when holding onto too hard to old beliefs.

I added this in the island state of Malta, October 16, 2014, it was my 101st country. 

Thank You,
Andy Lee Graham a Traveler 

Photos The Sleeping Dictionary 2003 Film

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