The Definition of a Travel Movie, and the Movies That Are Not About Travel

A list of concepts that may be accentuated in a travel movie, a check list of concepts that dynamically accrue to create a travel movie.

This Internet site you are on, called "" can only be an act of love, not the love of movies, but the love of travel. It is my wish to explain what is travel, and all the asundry emotions that invade the travelers mind, and body. This list of movies, if you watched them all, is a complete traveler's education. It is a list of emotions, dreams, and excitements one can expect, if you for once leave the nest, and taste the flower of travel, the "Lotus."

A great travel movie, the Best Travel Movies are trips into the mind of a traveler, the movie should allow you to empathize with a traveler. The better the travel movie, the more of these characteristis below exist.

Travelers Flower

There is a travelers saying,
“He who taste of the Lotus will travel and never return home.”

This is a flower you should never taste, if by accident you taste the esssence of travel, you will never be the same again, you can never return home, you know you would always be less than completed, but half a man.

Enter the world of travel, dream a little, and empathize a lot, these concepts are my collection of concepts that explains the life of a travel, as romantices in movies, and explains what is the best travel movies. 

Concepts: The Best Travel Movies include these concepts:

  1. Leaving ones own culture and comfort zone, and entering another, whereby the actors explain the uncomfortable idiosyncratic events of being there.
  2. Travel: Transportation from one location to another, therefore travel
  3. List of stops, more than one location, and easy to see the stops are different.
  4. Reality: There is a feasibly resemblance to reality, or the dream, fantasy is to explain by contrast a point, not just fantasy portrayed as real.
  5. Culture: Two or more different cultures clashing or meeting, in the movie you will learn about a real culture, whether your own, or the new one.
  6. Sleeping: Spending the night in room other than at home.
  7. Time: A Journey over time, the journey happens normally over a period of month or years.
  8. Dream, fantasy, with hope of finding our selves.
  9. Search for something.
  10. Love
  11. A Story line, not a documentary.
  12. Starting a journey without a good reason, just faith and belief that it will work out.
  13. Serendipitously learning about ones self.
  14. Packing and unpacking
  15. To learn unique things about the world, return home and nobody believes you.
  16. Travel movies explain the readjustment of priorities.


What is not a Travel Movie

 1. Situational comedy in a foreign country where there is only comedy between the characters, but no interplay with the locals.
2. Documentary, it is for factual interpretation, and it is not called a movie or film.
3. A movie about,or in a foreign culture, with characters from the same culture.
4. Non-realistic encounters, when a person meets something that is not real in foreign place, this is a fantasy movie, not travel.
5. Cliché characters, cliché locations, nothing real, just a romanticized version of something that has no basis in reality. (Note, sometimes the writer does not know he or she does not know.)

Click on Home above to read the list of movies that is always growing and evolving, and when watching them, check off the concepts that are included.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
14 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries, I am 100 percent addicted to the rush of travel, I will never return home, it is me, I am a Traveler, I be a Traveler.

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