Sub Genres of Travel Movies

20 Sub-Genres of Travel Movies listed and explained.

Travel is not listed as a genre on, or, however travel documentary is listed on This page is the Film Genre: Travel, then below I am listing sub-genres of Travel Movies. This site is for research, analysis, and review of determine the best travel movies in the English language. The primary genre is:
"Travel Movies" or "Travel Films," it could also "Travel Motion Pictures."

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Suzie Wong - Internet Movie DataBase has 26 major genres of movies:
Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Game-Show, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Reality-TV, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Talk-Show, Thriller, War, Western. list 210 Film Genres


Sub-Genres or subcategories under the general genre of Travel Movies: Travel movies should fit under one to maybe ten of the travel film sub-genres below, but is you wish, please submit others for consideration.

1. Meaning of Life:
Search for the Meaning of Life (The Razor's Edge, Eat, Pray, Love.)

2. Real Paradise Search:
The search for paradises, and the reason for being. (Eat, Pray, Love.) (Shangri La)

3. Entering New Country:
Entering a country, where you cannot talk the language.

4. Conquering New Land:
Conquering a new land, conquering our emotions.. (1492 Conquest of Paradise.)

5. Going Native
(Lawrence of Arabia)

6. Romantic Love with Different Culture:
Love crosses all cultural boundaries. (The World of Suzie Wong)

7. Live a Unique Life:
To do something unique with our life. (The Bucket List)

8. Revolt Against Society or Culture
To believe society does it wrong, and revolt. (Into the Wild.)  Revolt Against the Machine or Government (Easy Rider.)

9. Cultural Clash:
Cultural Clash (The Ugly American.)

10. Romantic Paradise Search:
The Romanticize Travel (The Beach)

11. Travel Hardships
The endless hardships or hassles of travel piled on top of each other. (National Lapoons Vacation Series)

12. Train Trips
Darjeeling Express

13. Historical Literature Travel
Where history and travel intersect.

14. Travel Documentaries

15. Country or Cultural used as background.
The "Road To" movies by Bing Crosby and Bob Hope are good examples, there is little if anything about the title.

16. Clueless Travel Writer Movie Reviews:
Many people create lists of travel movies, that are not travel movies, but are instead a list of movies that readers are more likely to buy. And, there are movies that are great stories, but have little to do with travel. For example, "Before Sunrise" is really not travel, but a good romance.

17. Not Travel Titled:
Many films have film titles that would lead you to believe they are travel fims, however are just marketing copy, to induce you to watch the movie,

18. Time Travel
- Not Included in this site

19. Cliché Travel
The over-romanticized, and unrealisticinterpretationn of travel.

20. Foreign Language Travel Films
- Not included on this site presently.

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