Marco Polo 2007

Marco Polo released in 2007 is one of the best travel movies of all time.

Today, the movie "Marco Polo 2007" is rated number four on my list of all time best travel movies, this can change...

This one quote from the movie endeared me.In the scene, Pedro the slave on the right, is quizzing Marco Polo on the left about their new journey.

"Where are we going?
Wherever the Khan sends us.
When are we coming back?
When we found waht we are looking for?
What are we looking for?
If we knew, what would be the point of the journey?"

Marco Polo Movie Quote

The word "Travel" is an all ecompassing word, at the simplists level people travel to work daily. And at the other extreme Marco Polo traveled to China and returned 24 years later. The movies shows the curiousity needed to travel perpetually, the faith in the world, and the completed acceptance, that he is not in control. This is Travel, this is a movie about a traveler.


In the movie, the great Kublai Khan played by Brian Dennehy goes on a rant about maps, and the power of knowledge to Marco Polo played by Ian Somerhalder that was pure genius. The Khan explains that knowledge is the most dangerous weapon, and that there are no blank spots on the map.

This quote is not in the movie, but explains...

“Beyond this place, there be dragons”
That’s what the old mapmakers would say when they reached the end of the known world, and could not describe what lay beyond.
- Maybe a quote from "Karen Blixen" in Out of Africa.


What is the difference between civilized people, and barbarians? This to me is real, I feel it daily, the barbarians read about the world, and mistakenly believe they have learned, while travelers such as Marco Polo travel the world to see what really exist.

It is quite frightening to the average person to travel to China, Africa, or to the end of the world, never knowing if and when our heads will be cut off. The average person truly believes they will lose their head, it is barbaric belief system of normal humans, no matter how many travelers return to say it is safe.

The greater tradegy of travel is when a person travels to seek knowledge, and when he or she returns then nobody believes.

While doing research about Marco Polo and the movies, I read on an interesting phrase:

"Medieval reception of the travelog, namely that it was full of 'a million' lies."

This comment about "Medieval" thinking infers that modern travel writers have stopped lying, and that we are in an age of truth. The modern travelog is full of million lies, the same as in Medieval times, the mind of man is still barbaric and uncivilized, nothing has changed.

It appears the world is occupied by barbarians,
-- Sitting in front of Facebook.
-- Sitting in front of the TV
Refusing to go see what really exist.

There is a good reason to travel, for curiosity, and real knowledge.

"What are we looking for?
If we knew, what would be the point of the journey?"


Marco Polo

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