Lost Horizon, 1937 Film

Lost Horizon, a 1937 film,is presently listed as the No. 8 Best Travel Movie in English of All Time at BestTravelMovies.com.

"Lost Horizon" is presently listed as the
No. 8 "Best Travel Movie.”

The search for paradise, the dream of Shangri-La, the romantic, yearning for another place that is better than here, is an essential travelers’ motivation.


A group of people in an aircraft crashes deep in the Himalayan Mountains, where they are rescued and taken to Shangri-La, an idyllic valley sheltered from the bitter cold. Shangri-La is paradise, a utopia, and the Fountain of Youth, a place you can never forget. The High Lama, founder of Shangri-La, helps the group understand the magical properties of the paradise he has created.

Conway, the main character in the film is returned to London, only to escape: "Conway manages to return to Shangri-La."

Lost Horizons Film

Members can log in now and watch the complete movie for free on YouTube.com. We have found a link that allows you to watch the whole movie as 15 successive clips. And for people outside the USA in countries, where U.S. copyright laws are not enforced, we provided a download link.

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