Lewis Clark Great Journey West 2002 Documentary

This is not a Travel Movie, however is documentary worthy of notice, something that shows glimpse of travel, but still romanticized.

It is possible to be both proud, and angry at the same time with works of art, and I thank National Geographic for producing,

"Lewis &Clark Great Journey West" (2002) Documentary

Parts unknown

"To Parts Unknown Map"

I watch this alone, 3:42 AM on my computer in San Pedro La Laguna, on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala September 5, 2012.

It is with great humor, and irony, that Wikipedia.org does not have a page on the subject, and I needed to use IMDB for my small research: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0317874/


Lewis and Clark

This is the feeling of an expedition, the constant discomfort, the inescapable acceptance that even turning back is not an option. It is almost impossible to fail on long journeys, people reach their destinations, some with gallant nobility. And most with never engage, or understand such feelings of the explorer. Listen closely to the whining excuses on why not to go, and do your best to not relate, refuse to understand, and the world will open up to you.



This helicopter view is my anger, the romantic view of an expedition, this is a  wondrous panoramic filming of the world is unrealistic. While looking down from a mountain to the valley is real. And, in the next second, the depression of knowing you need to walk up and down a mountain is reality. There is a closeness to God, and the next moment the acceptance of hell.


Insights, and glimpses at nderstanding; the Lewis and Clark expedition, a great journey, an explorations were included in the documentary, by way of quotes from the Journals of Lewis and Clark.

"As Shoshone Indian woman began to interpret..."

"As they translated from Shoshone to Hidatsa to French to English."

I could only hope, and dream, that as a rites of passage to travelers along the way, they could feel the anguish, fear, and faith and listen to such translations. When there is only hope of understanding, and the reality one must rely on hope, and not on certainty.

Known History

"Known History Map."

Getting a hotel reservation is the opposite of an adventure, while the documentary reported history, when Lewis and Clark was traveling, they was entering history, not reporting history.

Looking forward is the only option availed to Lewis and Clark.


Photos Lewis Clark Great Journey West 2002 Documentary

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