Hollywoods Waning Creativity in 2012

Then number of Hollywoods films that are remakes, sequels, and adaptation of existing stories is growing, and creativity is lacking.

Movies are becoming repetitive, redundant, and ridiculous at an alarming speed, Shay says, they want "Bankable," movies.

I was talking with Andrew, Boy Genius in India and was commenting on a new Spiderman Movie I watched,
"The Amazing Spider-Man 2012."


Saying something like,
"I was confused, this is just Spiderman, with another boy playing Spiderman."

"I am never sure if I am watching a new movie, or one I have already seen?"

Andrew replied by sending me this link,
"Has Hollywood Lost it's Way?"

Looking for and Expert to ask questions... and...

I found --- Shay Addams on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

It is 2012, I am on pause at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, a.k.a. correctly as Lago Atitlan, therefore in an effort to followup on my movie muse, I called up Shay Addams. He is the publisher of a local Free Magazine called the "Sol de Atitlan."

Shay Addams

This is Shay Addams, he has been living in the village of San Pedro La Laguna on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala for maybe the last 7-9 years. If you know Shay, then you know, nothing is clear, he is an enigmatic, eccentric, elusive member of the foreigner community of San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala.

I have a standing offer, I will call him up,
"Shay, you want a free drink?"

He tells me the play, and we meet, yesterday we met at,
"Café La Puerta," not my favorite place, way too soft around the edges.
Today is Sunday, and maybe we will meet at the Piscina at "Smokin' Joe's" cookout and eat meat. Shay already told me,
"I am not going to the cookout, the Piscina will be under water."
I think he will come.

Lake Atitlan is rising, and maybe soon the cookout will move to another location, I really wish the bands would move, and the cookout would stay...
- Maybe Nestor has the bands to annoy people to free up tables.

The food is good, fattening, and a splurge to the budget, but one of the strangest crowds of people known to man, and a must experience situation --- I advise you to keep the soap opera at arms length and enjoy the food. Be an observer, and not an active participant, do not drink the "Koolaid."
(Hmm, I am not sure if I should quote the person who used that phrase about Koolaid here on Lake Atitlan.) 

Sol de Atitlan

Sol de Atitlan Magazine serving Lake Atitlan and Antigua, Guatemala.

Shay is an incredibly experienced writer, he has written three found-by-me-books, and I think maybe 10-20 more books. Like I said, he is elusive. I asked if he would allow me to video interview him, and he declined.

Works Found! - I am sure this is an insignificant list of work by Shay

1. Your Mayan Day Sign
2. The Mayan Calendar Users Guide: How to Apply Mayan Astrology to Your Daily Life?
3. Iguana with the Wind (The Adventures of Max Nomad)

See on Amazon.com

Atitlansol.com   Twitter.com  Mayancalendarusersguide.com

Asking Shay Questions about Movies

Two weeks ago, I said to Shay,
"There has been maybe 10 remakes of the Movie, The Count of Monte Cristo."
Shay replied without a pause,
"The copyright has expired."

Great insight Shay, thanks!

Yesterday, I made reference to the sequels, remakes, and the waning creativity of Hollywood, he instantly said,
"They want Bankable."

Bankable Star Defined:

 -A bankable star is an actor famous or charismatic enough to be "capable of guaranteeing box-office success simply by showing up in a movie". A bankable director is a similar notion.- Wikipedia.org

Shay is an Expert about Writing, Magazines, and Books

I am always looking for experts, because:
There is always the reason given, the real reason, the plausible explanation, and the skinny. I ask many people,
"What is the skinny?"
Experts give me the skinny, and the rest tell me what someone else said.

The Island of Misfit Toys - a.k.a Lago Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a social quirk, it is one of the few places on the earth where everyone is welcome, where a misfit is normal. It is one of the few places where anything goes, for example, there is presently a man with a Mohawk riding a unicycle in Panajachel, and nobody notices. People take photos of Mayans, and avoid bringing attention to the truly weird that surround us.

Back to the Subject --- Where are the creative people?

My belief is this, truly 99 percent of new stuff is really copies of old stuff, it has always been this way since the beginning of time.

Many people recommend I read intellectual, pretentious, and obscure media, and I decline, saying to them,
"My life is too short, I read, and watch things that are fun and entertaining."
"I have no desire to be educated."

If something is fun, entertaining, and educational, that is a good day, and life is good.

I believe the dream of all artists, writers, and even bloggers is to one-day stop working for money. But if we push the question, ask the question,
"Why is creativity, and original works ending?"

Let me tell you a true story about my Travel Blog

Many people say to me,
"Andy, your travel Blog is not like others."
and I reply truthfully,
"I would not know, I do not read travel Blogs."


Paradise is where a shadow of me in the corner of the photo is acceptable.

Photos Hollywoods Waning Creativity in 2012

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