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Here are the best travel movies, by Andy Lee Graham of, 19 years living abroad, and 107 countries? Send me candidates!

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Best Travel Movies Latest

Sullivans Travels 1942

Sullivans Travels 1942 is an old timer to the list. We wish to celebrate this movie today, Hobos need entertainment, and to make people happy is good.

A Passage To India 1984

A Passage To India 1984 as of December 29, 2014 is listed at number five of best travel movies on site: This ranking can change...

The Sleeping Dictionary 2003 Film

The Sleeping Dictionary 2003 Film has been added to best travel movies of all time as chosen by Andy Lee Graham world traveler.

Air America 1990 Film

On June 26, 2014, I Andy Graham added Air America a 1990 film with Mel Gibson to the list of best travel movies.

Hotel 1967

Hotel 1967, this is the culture of hotels, from a New Orleans high class hotel lifestyle.

Lost Horizon, 1937 Film

Lost Horizon, a 1937 film,is presently listed as the No. 8 Best Travel Movie in English of All Time at

The Sand Pebbles 1966 Film

The Sand Pebbles a 1966 film starring Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen has been listed at the 11 best travel movie in English.

Hollywoods Waning Creativity in 2012

Then number of Hollywoods films that are remakes, sequels, and adaptation of existing stories is growing, and creativity is lacking.

Sub Genres of Travel Movies

20 Sub-Genres of Travel Movies listed and explained.

Marco Polo 2007

Marco Polo released in 2007 is one of the best travel movies of all time.

Lewis Clark Great Journey West 2002 Documentary

This is not a Travel Movie, however is documentary worthy of notice, something that shows glimpse of travel, but still romanticized.

The Definition of a Travel Movie, and the Movies That Are Not About Travel

A list of concepts that may be accentuated in a travel movie, a check list of concepts that dynamically accrue to create a travel movie.

#1 The Razors Edge - Best Travel Movie of all Time

The Razors Edge is the number one best travel movie of all time, about a man searching for meaning, as he roams the planet.

#2 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2011

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2011 - Explained by Andy Lee Graham, a perpetual traveled for over 17 years, and has lived in 107 countries.

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